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Fretex - a social enterprise

Fretex is a social enterprise established in Oslo in 1905 by The Salvation Army, who has complete ownership of Fretex to this day. Fretex is a household name in Norway well known for its second-hand shops across the country. Fretex is located in most Norwegian counties working closely with government agencies, private sectors, donors and customers.

Our mission is to contribute to giving people work opportunities and to improve the environment through re-use. We operate nationwide and are the largest vocational rehabilitation company and the largest second-hand chain store in Norway.

Fretex is an important part of the The Salvation Army’s social work in Norway.

Core values: Transparency, Love, Commitment, Profitability.

Our vision: We give people reason to believe in the future!


Fretex is the largest collector of used clothes and textiles in Norway, with over 3500 containers/collection boxes especially designed for this purpose. Fretex also have 2 sorting facilities for receiving and handling all clothes and textiles in Norway. Each year Fretex collects over 15 000 tons of clothes and textiles. Fretex also collects other used goods for re-sale. There are a total of 40 second-hand stores and 1 online store operated by Fretex in Norway. Our stores had a turnover in 2021 of 168 million NOK.

The clothes/textiles we can’t make use of in our businesses are exported and re-used in other countries, or re-made into clothes or products. Fretex International oversees the export to other customers in Europe, Pakistan and Iraq, some of these countries will further export clothes and textiles to countries in Africa and Asia.

Fretex is an active member of the European Network of Reuse and Recycling (ENoR).


Every year, more than 4000 people participate in our various vocational rehabilitation programs. We have experienced vocational rehabilitation consultants who provide each job seeker with the appropriate guidance and consultancy required for their personal needs, goals, interests, characteristics, skills and portfolio. Through frequent meetings and dialogues with a consultant, the job seeker will become better equipped to create realistic plans and reach their goals. We also connect our candidates with employers. Fretex is a resourceful and safe place for employers to recruit from. We follow a strict procedure to secure great and thorough job match. In 2021, 1 758 people got a job or started an education through Fretex.

The work we do in Fretex Job is based on our Fretex-methodology. We believe that everyone can work, with the right guidance and aid. Our methodology is based on the ideas of self-advocacy, self-efficacy and Supported Employment.

Project Department

We help people who are unemployed, wanting to change careers, highly skilled immigrants, adult learners, vulnerable youth, and those living with physical and/or mental health issues. The project department has multiple projects and services both provided online and in Norway’s four largest cities.

Fretex Job participates in international fora such as the European Basic Skills Network (EBSN), European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) and European Platform for Adult Learning and Education (EPALE). We are awarded Erasmus Accreditation in the field of Adult Education from 2021-2027.

We are currently looking for European partners. If your organisation is interested, please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator for international collaborations, Kristine Evje.


Fretex Jobbkoden

Fretex Jobbkoden offers free webinars for those who want to learn more about the job application process and working life. Participants learn tips and tricks that they can apply in their own life from career counselors, experts in recruitment, key people from non-profit organizations and other experienced people in this field. We collaborate with The Norwegian Council for Mental Health (Rådet for psykisk helse) and are also financially supported by Stiftelsen Dam.

Veien Frem

Veien Frem is a project created for young people. Our goal is to prevent drop out in high school through strengthening students’ motivation.  We provide them with career counselling, work experience and opportunities for networking. We work with the age group 12 to 25, middle and high school students, and children in the welfare system. Veien Frem participates at the school’s career days where students can ask questions and make appointments with our counselors. The project is financed by The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) and The National Mediation Service (Konfliktrådet).

Med håp i bagasjen - Pathway of Hope

This is a project in collaboration with the Norwegian Salvation Army and the concept is based on Pathway of Hope, a project developed by The Salvation Army in the USA. The project focuses primarly on helping immigrants with children in poverty  that are in need of a stable job. Among other social services, we offer food, clothes, career - and financial counseling. Through a comprehensive approach to our participants’ situation, we can adapt our programs to their personal needs and goals.



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